Underground Drainage

Also known as French drains, underground drainage solutions have been positioned among the most remarkable and highly suitable products used for proper water drainage in backyards, roofs, agricultural lands and more. We are Capiphon, home of the best draining solutions, including our second to none underground drainage, which is a brilliantly designed product manufactured according to the most demanding standards known in the industry and using second to none materials that provide superior efficiency and durability. With all the recent rain, everyone is getting them, right? When people, even contractors, refer to underground drainage, that’s not always what they mean. In most cases, what you actually receive and what you need is an area drain.

Our underground drainage system is properly designed, as the name says, specifically and only to collect underground water. French drains utilize an underground construction that includes:

  • Geo-tech cloth or landscape fabric liners – preventing root penetration
  • Perforated or slotted pipe with rocks added nearly to ground level – allowing vegetation growth over the top of the drain
  • Sump box and pipe to direct water into a nearby street or alleyway

Our underground drainage systems are not designed to collect surface water such as rain or sprinkler runoff, gutter downspouts and collection basins should never be connected to them if you want an optimal water draining solution. Every underground drainage system is custom-designed to fit a specific issue, and pricing varies on the scope of the project. For more information on this and other drainage correction methods, call our professionals, they will be happy to assist you and tell you everything you need to know about our products and how consistent they will work as your draining solutions system.

Trust Capiphon, a company with years of experience in this field and the first name that comes to the mind of our customers when they need the best place to obtain a brand new draining solution. Discover quality and tailored draining solutions, discover Capiphon!

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