Roof Garden Drainage System

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Prevent water ponding caused by an inadequate drainage system which will result in great impact to the building infrastructure. The forces of gravity make significant water buildup on flat roofs a problem because the only place water can eventually go is down. Ponding water poses a significant risk to the flat roof system over time and must be fixed in order to protect the structural integrity of the entire building. With our superior roof garden drainage system, you can forget about this issue as this is a brilliantly designed system that forces water to drain properly, leaving your roof completely dry.

When you select Capiphon’s roof garden drainage system, you will be provided with an effective solutions system that will:

● Remove more water than any kind of pipe you’ve installed in the past.
● Solve drainage problems in the most practical and accessible way.
● Protect the infrastructure and design of your roof and the issues its wear may cause to the rest of the building.

We understand water ponding is a common issue that actually affects a wide array of businesses and family buildings, causing a lot of trouble due to how it starts damaging the surface and going through the infrastructure.

Trust Capiphon as the leading providers of roof garden drainage system solutions made from a special formulation of PVC that remains flexible and long lasting. With these unique solutions on your roof, not only will your water ponding issues disappear, it will also represent a durable addition to your roof that will not require reinstallation or repairs in a long time. Give us a call if you want more detailed information about our roof garden drainage system and other excellent water drainage solutions we provide.

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