Embankment and retaining walls

A great solution forremoving unwanted moisture around landscape feature walls

Capiphon™ belt is easy to nail onto the rear surface of a retaining wall in vertical strips. At the bottom of the wall, the strips are inserted into a discharge pipe. Soil from the site can be used to backfill the wall as usual with no concerns about clogging, wear or tear over time.

Landscaping new walls

A lot of expense installing retaining walls comes from managing water drainage – most competitors will recommend 20cm of gravel the height and length of the wall to catch both surface water as well as underground water.

The gravel method is expensive and tedious in both materials and labour.

By contrast, lengths of Capiphon™ strip installed vertically downbehind the wall will trap and wick away any water moving towards the wall.Where significant volume of water is of concern, the strips can be inserted into drainage pipe at the base of the wall to ensure water is removed efficiently.

The capillary drainage ability is not impacted by the type of soil in the area of the wall, doing away with the most common reason for needing a gravel backfill, especially when reactive or expansive soils are present. The capillary action is so precise, the head pressure of water in the soil will cause the water to drain down the strip against the wall faster than it will react with the soil.

Capiphon™ has been used to drain hundreds of walls. In most cases, only a layer of sand has been used to protect the collection pipe at the base and then existing soil has been used to backfill the wall.

  • Landscaping new walls
  • Landscaping new walls

Capiphon™ doesn’t need Gravel or Geotextile

The unique capillary action of Capiphon™ works best when the belt is in direct contact with the soil. Geotextile fabrics are designed to prevent soil getting into and blocking other solutions like ag pipe. Except that the geotextile holds the soil against the holes that the water is trying to get through and they can block anyway, becoming useless and requiring maintenance.

Slotted pipe works by gravity and works best with a head of 25mm of water moving into it. Gravel is designed to build up a well of water to promote the “flow”. The design of the Capiphon™ belt will draw water out of the soil and no volume of water is required to ensure an even and consistent flow that will not become blocked or clogged.

  • Geotextile
  • Geotextile