Railway construction and maintenance

Effective drainage for old and new railways

Water in the sub-base can cause problems with railway lines. Lay Capiphon™ drainage during construction or use with existing lines to wick water away from the structure.

Solving water problems

Rail cars moving over problem drainage areas apply pressure to soil and structure that can pump water to the surface, causing pooling, rotting and stability issues.

  • Railway Line Repair

Emergency Foundation Repairs

The foundations of this railway system in Shandong, China were damaged from rainwater which consistently seeped into the sub-base. Traditional solutions requiring heavy machinery and schedule interruptions weren’t possible – the trains on this line could not be stopped or re-routed.

Capiphon™ pipes and belts were prepared in advance. In the intervals between passing trains, hundreds of labourers were engaged to lift the track, shallow-excavate ballast and insert the belt. The rails did not have to be lifted far, because of the belt being so flat and the ballast could be immediately put back in place.

Clear water free from silt ran from the belt that had been inserted under the line almost immediately, providing a well-suited solution to what had been a difficult problem.

  • Emergency Foundation Repairs
  • Emergency Foundation Repairs