175mm * 6m Capiphon Belt

175mm * 6m Capiphon Belt

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for 50mm DWV pipe 6m roll



Designed for those tricky situations such as:

  • Behind shotcrete walls
  • In narrow spaces
  • Insertion into embankments
  • Failing retaining walls
  • Golf-course bunkers

175mm Capiphon Pipe is sold as:

  • Assembled Capiphon Pipe  (coming soon)
  • DIY kit of Capiphon belt cut to 6m long and 175mm wide to wrap around 50mm DWV pipe.

Special Formulation – flexible and long lasting

Capiphon™ Pipe is made from the same special formulation of PVC as the Capiphon Belt – it remains flexible and is long lasting.  The Belt is simply wrapped around PVC pipe and held in place by rubber bands and cable ties.  Water enters the grooves through surface tension and capillary action and runs down the length of the pipe until it enters the inside of the next pipe through a special collector/connector.


Capiphon Pipe and Capiphon Belt are sometimes used together in high-risk situations.  The Belt is inserted into the Pipe in the usual way.