100mm * 10m Capiphon Belt

100mm * 10m Capiphon Belt

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10m roll


Capiphon Belt

Capiphon™ is a drainage material made from a special formulation of PVC that remains flexible and is long lasting. It has a series of grooves running down its length.  The grooves are omega shaped with an internal diameter of one millimetre. The opening to the grooves is approximately 0.3 mm.

Capillary Action

The openings of the grooves of the Capiphon belt are similar in size to the pores within the soil, and water moves into the grooves by capillary action or “wicking”. The water held within them acts as a capillary straw.

When the belt is below the water table, or when the belt is on a slope (usually 1-2%), the critical capillary head is exceeded and causes the capillary straws within the grooves to move down the belt. The movement of the capillary straw within the grooves creates a negative pressure that sucks up water from the soil. This siphoning effect continues to drain the soil for as long as there is an effective capillary straw within the soil.

Perfect Drainage Anywhere

The 100mm wide belt comes as 10m rolls and is ideal for:

  • Placing under lawns, concrete slabs, and other horizontal (or almost horizontal) structures. It is usually inserted into a collector pipe 10-20cm below the belt to create extra syphoning pressure.
  • Running down retaining walls and behind basement walls into a collector pipe.
  • Using small strips inserted vertically into a collector pipe to create an intercept (cut-off) drain.
  • Using on its edge against a wall to provide drainage in very narrow spaces.

100mm belt can be especially cut to other lengths. Please contact us for pricing.