Outdoor Drainage Solutions

The best drainage system for you will depend on your backyard landscaping needs and desires. Here at Capiphon we help you achieve your goals in terms of field optimisation, we understand the best practises when it comes to outdoor drainage selling advice and installations. If you want a reliable, low-maintenance drainage system that will last for years to come, there is no other option than the best outdoor drainage system in the market;Capiphon. Not only will it leave your landscape and home well protected, but it will blend beautifully with your backyard design.

Having a drainage system as part of your backyard landscape is essential; it will not only help protect your backyard from the harmful effects of large amounts of water, but it will also protect your home and foundation as well. We understand it can be tricky to find the best outdoor drainage solutions, but with our experts’ advice, you can rest assured that you will be able to enjoy your outdoor premises without any kind of water ponding issue.

We are a proudly Australian owned and operated company that offers the best solutions for optimised outdoor drainage solutions, which are sold as smart drain solutions in other countries like the USA.

The best of all? Our drain in backyard system does not require any kind of expensive installation:

  • Capiphon’s outdoor drainage solutions do not need a gravel transition layer.
  • Selecting our excellent solution system, there is no need for a geotextile fabric.
  • Capiphon needs to be in close contact with the soil so trenches can be shallow and narrow.

This is the right time to select our premium outdoor drainage solutions and solve your water ponding issues in a precise and highly durable way. Contact us now, we want to help you out with anything you need related to water drainage.

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