Highway Drainage

Effective management of surface water for all highways and trunk roads is essential for safe use by both vehicles and pedestrians. As a major supplier to highway drainage solutions for many years, Capiphon understands these demanding operational challenges and the importance of delivering high-performance surface water management systems. Capiphon provides a comprehensive range of highway drainage solutions that support essential road drainage infrastructure in highways, trunk roads, urban roads, footpaths and highways conservation. With a superior design that has been achieved through the adoption, testing, and improvement of our highway drainage solutions, Capiphon assists the infrastructure industry in making, mapping and maintaining the network.

Our highway drainage system consists of several key components: drainage stone, filter fabric, perforated pipe, and outlets through the wall face. We offer highly adaptable and accessible highway drainage solutions that you will only find here at Capiphon; we take pride in actively working on our solutions range so we can make sure our customers will find the most suitable highway drainage. With many years in the field, providing our customers with the best possible highway drainage solutions from a company in Australia at the most accessible rates, all of them available according to your specific needs. We are also known for having a friendly and attentive team of experts ready to assist potential customers who want to know more in depth what we can offer as the leading drainage solution company.

Need a more detailed description of our products? Do you want to know all the specific data regarding our highway drainage solutions or any other products we offer? Seek no longer, here at Capiphon, we will help you achieve your goals and optimise your installations with the best highway drainage products available in the market.

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