Field Drains Gardens

Field drains gardens are principally used to alleviate waterlogging in fields and gardens, but it can also desiccate certain ground types in prolonged dry spells, so think carefully before installing. Note that land drainage is NOT the same as a soakaway, although they may both be used to dispose of surface and/or groundwater. Here at Capiphon we help our customers optimise their premises through field drains gardens that are second to none in terms of quality, efficiency and, of course, price.  If you are looking for information on waterlogged gardens, you need to know about Capiphon, a brand sold as a smart brand in USA, that has for many years helped customers improve their drainage systems in Australia.

Our solutions for field drains gardens work by providing an open conduit for groundwater to follow to a disposal point, or, in the case of dispersal drains, to a dispersal area or leach field. There are a few variations on this theme, involving the type of backfill material, and the type of pre-formed conduit that is used, but all rely on two simple principles; that the land drain provides a ‘path of least resistance’ for groundwater to follow, and that, left to its own devices, water flows down even the gentlest of slopes. Groundwater is held by soils within pores, which are the small voids or interstices between the grains that make up the soil.

The bedding material surrounding a land drain has significantly larger pores between each stone, providing more space for the groundwater to occupy. The centre of the pipe itself can be thought of as one big pore. Therefore, in a collector drain, there is a ‘gradient’ of hydrostatic pressure from the soil, via the bedding into the pipe, along which the groundwater will migrate to the point of lowest hydrostatic pressure, ie, the inside of the pipe. Need more info about our excellent field drains gardens? Say no more, contact us directly and let one of our professionals handle it for you.

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