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We know customers need to be careful when they are looking for deluxe agricultural drainage solutions in Melbourne. It is important to find a remarkable draining system that covers all your needs and expectations, and that is exactly what we offer here at Capiphon, the leading providers of agricultural drainage solutions in Melbourne and the only place you need to look at when you want optimal draining systems for any kind of outdoor space that work at the potential you want. By selecting Capiphon, leading providers of agricultural drainage solutions in Melbourne, you are trusting a brand that is sold as smart drain in the USA, and it is a superior capillary drainage technology that adapts to the most demanding scenarios, properly emulating a natural drainage working like soil pores through its groove openings. Our drainage solutions in Australia consist of a belt of 2 mm PVC, usually 100 or 175 mm wide, with omega-shaped grooves running down its length. In some situations, such as installation into embankments,Capiphon is wrapped around a PVC pipe and used in place of the belt.

Capiphon is the most valuable brand offering customers the world class drainage solutions in Melbourne they need to install in order to keep their buildings and lands in excellent conditions. We are not new to this industry, as we have offered our brilliantly designed and well-established products that cover a wide array of needs and help customers improve their installations for a long time already.

What makes the difference between Capiphon and other drainage solutions providers is that our main goal is to offer the best drainage solutions to the world at the best possible prices. Our agricultural drainage solutions in Melbourne can be used in place of any subsurface drainage system. How do our premium farm field drainage systems work? Well, when the belt is below the water table, or when the belt is on a slope (usually 1-2%), the critical capillary head is exceeded and causes the capillary straws within the grooves to move down the belt. The movement of the capillary straw within the grooves creates a negative pressure that sucks up water from the soil.

In order to keep our products at the top of the ranking when customers look for reliable and effective agricultural drainage solutions in Melbourne, we are constantly going through our customers’ needs and improving the design with the latest technology found and proved in this field. We are eager to know more about you and how we can help you through our farm field drainage systems and the many benefits they offer, do not hesitate to contact us a soon as possible and let us give you all the details about our solutions.

Contact us now if you want more information about our agricultural drainage solutions in Melbourne. We have earned the preference of many people when they needed optimal drainage solutions for their agricultural lands or backyards.

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