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If you have issues like water ponding not only in your backyard or land, but also on your roof, it is imperative for you to find a specialised drainage solution company in Melbourne so you can properly improve any drainage system. When you purchase the products, we supply here at Capiphon, you are trusting a superior drainage solution company in Melbourne, they feature groves that are omega shaped with an internal diameter of one millimetre. The opening to the grooves is approximately 0.3 mm which enables proper flowing as the water drains out your area.

Because Capiphon uses capillary action, it is in dynamic equilibrium with the moisture in the soil. Water moves into the belt as soon as the soil reaches saturation, faster than simply relying on gravity. For the same reason, water continues to flow for longer in the way no other drainage solution from a company in Melbourne can achieve. With many years in the field, providing our customers with the best possible drainage solutions from a company in Melbourne at the most accessible rates, all of them available according to your specific needs.

Water exists in soil within the pores between the soil particles, and this is something we always have in mind at the time of designing and adapting as a drainage solution company in Melbourne entirely dedicated to supplying a superior and highly accessible choice. The openings of the grooves of the Capiphon belt are similar in size to the pores within the soil, and water moves into the grooves by capillary action or “wicking”. The water held within them acts as a capillary straw. We are also known for having a friendly and attentive team of experts ready to assist potential customers who want to know more in depth what we can offer as the leading drainage solution company in Melbourne. Discover the Capiphon difference for yourself today!

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