Drain in Backyard

Are you on the lookout for an efficient way to achieve better drain in your backyard and solve drainage problems? Installing the solutions we offer here at Capiphon will help you get rid of these issues and focus all your efforts in keeping your backyard in excellent conditions without having to deal with water ponding problems and other related consequences. With grooves that emulate soil pores almost to perfection, the capillary action in which the water moves from the surface to the grooves is not only natural but also highly effective and logical. When you select our products to achieve a superior drain in the backyard, you are trusting a solution provider that understands in depth the kind of issues people with backyards go through and how to help them effectively.

Because Capiphon uses capillary action, it is in dynamic equilibrium with the moisture in the soil. Water moves into the belt as soon as the soil reaches saturation, faster than simply relying on gravity. This is a natural process that allows water to travel through the drainage and leave your backyard dry. We are a proudly Australian owned and operated company that offers the best solutions for drain in backyard systems, which are sold as smart drain solutions in other countries like the USA.

The best of all? Our drain in backyard system does not require any kind of expensive installation:

● Capiphon’s drainage system does not need a gravel transition layer.
● Selecting our excellent solution system, there is no need for a geotextile fabric.
● In fact, Capiphon needs to be in close contact with the soil so trenches can be shallow and narrow.

This is the right time to select our drain in the backyard system and solve your water ponding issues in a precise and highly durable way. Contact us now, we want to help you out with anything you need related to water drainage.

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