Cricket Ground Drainage Systems

Water control is an important factor in the annual use of cricket pitch systems. Artificial and natural cricket pitches must be allowed to drain freely to avoid rain water logging and under pitch long term destructive frost expansion damage in winter. Here at Capiphon we take pride in being the leading providers of cricket ground drainage systems, and we truly understand the importance of adapting to our customers’ needs and how to make sure they can completely optimise their cricket ground drainage systems in the field.

Our cricket ground drainage systems are cost effective and require little annual ground maintenance. They allow the natural flow of the water away from the playing surface and can cope with medium to heavy rainfall without excessive surface water retention. New installations can sit above the natural line of the floor and are slightly raised to protrude upwards away from the plain. This prevents the build up of water on the pitch top with further side channels to remove excess water build up. We provide a national cricket ground drainage systems and refurbishment service for outdoor cricket areas & equipment.

Many people are oblivious to what is happening in their cricket pitch. With Capiphon’s cricket ground drainage systems and our specialists’ advice you can forget about these issues, we will make sure you can optimise your installations and achieve your goals of having a garden in optimal conditions. Speak to us now for more detailed information about our premium products, we have a team of friendly and highly knowledgeable experts ready to assist you and tell you everything you need to know about our superior cricket ground drainage systems.

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