Agricultural Land Drainage

Looking for top notch agricultural land drainage solutions? You’ve found the best place to purchase a superior agricultural land drainage system that exceeds all your expectations and improves the conditions in your agricultural project. Capiphon is a well established business that offers the best in agricultural land drainage solutions, made with excellent materials from a special formulation of PVC that makes them flexible, long lasting and highly adaptable to all kinds of agricultural projects. With a well-thought design that emulates common capillary drainage, our excellent design stands out not only due to the incredible results it offers, but also because it works according to natural laws emulating properly the soil pores through a series of grooves that allow water rundown.

In order to offer a proper solution to any water ponding issues you are going through, our agricultural land drainage solutions come with a series of grooves that are omega shaped, with an internal diameter of one millimetre and an opening of approximately0.3 mm that allows proper functioning and efficient water draining in record time. Water exists in a soil within the pores between the soil particles. The openings of the grooves of the Capiphon belt are similar in size to the pores within the soil, and water moves into the grooves by capillary action or “wicking”. The water held within them acts as a capillary straw.

Do you need more information about our agricultural land drainage system and the advantages of adapting these solutions to your agricultural project? Do not hesitate to contact us, our team of friendly professionals will be glad to assist you and tell you all the details about our excellent products, including our first class agricultural land drainage solutions which are accessible at an excellent price!

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