About Us

Capiphon was invented in 1999 by Mr Hu Ming Chun (Robert). He first had the idea for a drainage system while working for the Indonesian government as a contractor building roads. He noticed the most common reason for the failure of project was the existence of water and the inability to remove it.

He concluded that conventional drainage systems will always fail eventually because of clogging, and that it was almost always impossible to overcome with out completely replacing the drainage. This motivated him to develop a better system the draining belt Capiphon.

I met Mr Geoffrey Fenn how is the managing director of Capiphon Australia in 2015 and worked with him as a builder testing the Capiphon system, and found it very successful so I have committed myself to selling it and sharing its capability


  • Golf courses drainage
  • Agricultural drainage
  • Sporting grounds
  • Road and pavement construction
  • Building protection
  • Railway lines
  • Retaining walls
  • Landscape Drainage
golf course

If you need any information please email us on info@capiphonvictoria.com.au or call us on 0413032379