What is the Capiphon Draining Belt?

It is a belt that has a series of grooves running down its length, small enough to allow a capillary action to happen, installed correctly it will drain any waterlogged areas.

It is easy to install and cost effective in comparison of traditional draining methods

  • No need for a gravel transition layer.
  • No need for a geotextile fabric.
  • In fact Capiphon needs to be in close contact with the soil so trenches can be shallow and narrow.
  • No need for a precisely graded trench because the siphon will operate even if there is a rise and fall along it.
  • No need for extra fittings. Simply cut a slot into the discharge pipe and insert the belt into it. Secure the two with a cable tie, and then run a bead of silicone sealant across the back of the belt.
  • Sealing the loose end of the belt with silicone helps to create the siphon.
    If the site is particularly muddy, laying the belt on a thin layer of approximately 50mm medium river wash sand creates the optimum capillary conditions.
  • Then simply backfill the trench and roll. Replace turf if it has been cut prior to trenching.
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